Combining currently available technology to create a rich experience that can be shared and revisited. One can share routes or trips along with all the things they did. Be a guide or simply share your experience with friends.
The service records your location and the routes you take along with the pictures you capture, music you listen to, notes you write, things you post online en route to share.
Initially targeted towards travellers and wanderers, this service can be used by anyone wanting to send their trips with friends or merely interested in revisiting past experiences. Help the unacquainted find their way with routes you’re familiar with. 
Users needn’t ever open the app to input an event since it works passively in the background. Simply take a picture, listen to a song and the app will fill in those blanks automatically.
Keeping in mind the compatibility and a large number of different services, the design had to be accommodating so as not to teach the user a whole new interface. The intention was to stay away from building a new social network but to preserve the element of sociability. 
The primary tracked information would be locational, however, the ideal would be that it would eventually track all the services a person may use to make the experience as robust as possible.

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