As part of an interaction design course, Jacob Poindexter and I collaborated to translate a digital narrative into an analogue board game. We settled on the television show Stranger Things and designed a turn-based strategy board game inspired by the game mechanics of Dungeons and Dragons wherein players roll the dice to determine the efficacy of their unique actions.
The game consists of two opposing teams of good and evil characters who all work together to help progress through the three chapters. Each chapter is loosely based on the storyline of the show, yet allows for a strategic amount of flexibility that gives players the ability to create custom unique scenarios. Each play-through plays out differently based on the number of players and their desires.
The board is constructed into slats that flip to reveal the upside down map of Hawkins. This was a fundamental aspect of design that allows players to traverse between the worlds to fulfil their team’s objectives. For this mechanism to function we magnetised the board as well as the pieces to prevent them from falling off when the slats are flipped. To stay true to the arcade era, we designed the 8-bit graphics only using web-safe colours.
Each player assumes a character from the show and is expected to carry out specific goals to complete chapters. Using character-specific or general items, one can better their chances of success.
Process Documentation:

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